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Bi-Pol offers Microfluidic parts for Lab use and for OEM.
We offer optical components ,lasers, optical systems from well known vendors as well as far east vendors if you need cost saving.

Wire grid polarizers
X-ray Components

Polarizers suitable for broadband applications with wide angle of incidence.
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Fiber coupled diode lasers
Fiber Lasers
Active & Passive fibers

Fully integrated laser manufacturer -> semiconductor wafers, semiconductor lasers, optical fibers, fiber lasers.
High brightness, High reliablity
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Swiss Precision Optics

Precise flat optics - Super Polishing, High precision optics UV to IR, Assemblies & Systems, Coatings, Engineering, Projects
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Coated laser optics

Coated laser optics, non-linear crystals, laser & Q-Switch crystals
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Optical filters

Continuous Linear Filters (CVF) and homogeneous filters
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MCT / III-V detectors

MCT and III-V (IR range 2-16µm) detectors, detection modules and dedicated electronics
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Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuits

Low Loss photonic intergated circuits (PIC)
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Valves for microfluidics / Memory Shaped Alloys based products

Valves for microfluidic applications based on memory shaped alloys
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3D printed glass micro-structures

Fabrication of 3D micro-structures in glass with high precision, sub-micron resolution
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High-Speed CMOS Image Sensors

Best in class high speed imaging solutions
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Spatial Light Modulators
polarization optics

High resolution, high speed, high efficiency SLMs
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Wavelength meters / spectrum analyzers / Optical thickness measurement

High accuracy laser wavelength meter and spectrum analyzers based on interferometer
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Blue laser diodes, LEDs and microleds

A leading supplier of gallium nitride (GaN) lasers
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Multi-Channel Superluminescent Diode (SLED) Sources
Broadband tunable lasers

Manufacturer of:
Single and multi-channel SLED light sources,
Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) Sources,
Broadband Tunable External Cavity Laser
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