Deep UV LEDs

BOLB inc is the World’s only UVC LED manufacturer utilizing fully emission-transparent epi:  transparent P layer and efficient hole injector

BOLB’s led chips have 8% wall plug efficiency higher than any manufacturer, especially at 266nm

With a more powerful single LED, the number of LEDs needed in a device is lower; thus, allowing products using BOLB’s LEDs a more compact design. 

BOLB has a cheaper $/Wattage, therefore a lower overall cost.


BEST FOR disinfection: area and surface, water, air, food supply chain and agriculture, hospitals and medical deceives, Automotive and public transportation

Bare LED Chips

1.143mm x 1.27mm bare die 

typ. 275nm +3/-5nm, 70mW @ 250mA & 6-7V, 1.143mm² x 1.27mm² bare die

Packaged LED chips

Chips on a submount with Built-in ESD protection- TVS chip inside each LED package.

Led arrays


1×4 Array

1×12 Array

5×5 Array

systen led integration

OEM integration on a system level

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