Optical Coatings & Filters

homogeneous and continuously variable filters (LVF/CVF) from UVA, through VIS and into NIR

Optical filters

High performance thin film optical filters :

  • band pass filters
  • Edge filters
  • fluorescence filter set

Continuously Variable filters

A Continuously Variable Filter (CVF) is a wedged filter, whose spectral properties vary continuously along one dimension of the filter.

A single CVF for example can replace a number of fixed filters in an instrument. It is possible to adjust the centre or edge wavelength by sliding the filter.

Beam splitters

Different types of beamsplitters from UVA, through VIS and into NIR:

  • Dichroic Beamsplitters
  • AOI Tolerant Dichroic Beamsplitters
  • Polarization Beamsplitters
  • Beamsplitter Cubes

Circular filters

Circular Variable Filters for fast wavelength switching

laser attenuators

Are based on optical this film coating with no absorption and withstands high laser power. 

Even short laser pulses down to 70fs no pulse broadening is observed.

The optical coating is designed for a wide range of wavelengths and works independent of polarization.

A linear motion of the wedges optical film coating provides continuous control of laser input from 98% to less than 1%.


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