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Flow ez

The Flow EZ™ is the most advanced system available for pressure-based flow control. The compact device stands alone near the microfluidic setup, allowing the user to minimize bench space use without the need of a PC. One can be operational and generate data rapidly.

The system controls pressure, and the liquid flow is a function of system resistance, fluid viscosity, etc. The addition of a FLOW UNIT enables one to control or monitor flow rate as well as dispense volume. The pressure automatically adjusts in the background to maintain the flow rate.

Push pull

The LineUpTM Push-Pull is a stand alone controller with the ability to deliver finely regulated pressure or a vacuum through a single outlet over the range of -800 to +1000 mbar. Suited for any application within this range, it brings the existing benefits of the LineUpTM series with expanded capabilities as well as superior stability and high performance.

Flow sensor

A bidirectional microfluidic flow sensor interfaced with Fluigent’s software, allows for direct control or monitoring of flow rates. Available in five models with different flow-rate ranges.


Different valves can be used for many different protocols. For sorting, the 2-SWITCH™ is recommended whereas for recirculation, it is better to use a L-SWITCH™. For sequential injections, the M-SWITCH™ is the most suitable product.


Applications that require switching between multiple solutions (such as samples or buffers) may be time-consuming and tedious as they typically require many manual operations. Aria is designed to replace manual procedures such as pipetting or manual switching. This automated solution for cellular perfusion or timed injection protocols allows one to automate delivery up to 10 different solutions into a chamber or microfluidic chip by following user defined protocols.


dSURF is a new generation of fluorosurfactant providing highly reliable droplet production and stability even under strong conditions such dPCR temperature cycles or long-term cell culture experiments. dSURF has been validated with several dyes showing limited diffusion outside the droplets. Its biocompatibility has been qualified through in droplet bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell growth.


All microfluidic instruments developed by Fluigent are available as OEM products. In order to help you focus on your applications and your microfluidic devices Fluigent developed a range of OEM products for flow control and fluid handling in microfluidic and nanofluidic applications. Their OEM products can easily be integrated in more complex instruments. All OEM products come with a Software Development Kit (SDK)


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