Micro Pumps

 Bartels’ micropumps mp6 series are miniaturized double diaphragm pumps. Each pump is run by two piezo actuators transporting the tiniest amount of liquid or gases.

mp6 micropumps for liquids and gases

Micropumps transporting the tiniest amounts of gases or liquids can be considered the heart of microfluidics. In many sectors they have become indispensable. The main advantages of the Bartels micropumps are:

  • Transports liquids, gases and mixtures
  • Small and light-weight
  • Cost-effective
  • 100% tested
  • Available and big-batch production-ready

Easy-to-use evaluation kits

You want to build a microfluidic system and test the possible functions for your application?

Then take a look at the evaluation kits by Bartels. With these kits, you can build your first systems in which you transport gases or liquids. In addition, depending on the kit, you can further control the flow with valves, measure flow rates and pressures with sensors and add further functions with microfluidic chips. In this way, you test the extent to which the technology makes sense for your application.

Case Studies:
Taking a deep-dive into microfluidics

There is always more to learn and discover. That is why Bartels publishes Case Studies that highlight a specific application or solution in the microfluidic field. The Case Studies show a wide variety of different options how microfluidics can be used. They feature the mp6 micropump in addition to Bartels electronics and further components made by Bartels as well as other companies.

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