X-Ray Detectors

The XPIN® detector is Moxtek’s best performing Si-PIN detector. XPIN detectors
use a silicon PIN diode, multi-layer collimator, and thin DuraBeryllium® window,
achieving great resolution and x-ray sensitivity. The XPIN preamp provides a
low-noise signal output to an analog or digital pulse shaping amplifier

Si-PIN X-ray Detectors

 XPIN Detector has a 625μm thick Si-PIN diode, an ultra-low-noise JFET, multilayer collimator, preamplifier, and is internally cooled with a two-stage thermoelectric cooler.

 The detectors use DuraBeryllium® windows uniquely coated with DuraCoat®, which is corrosion resistant and ideal for harsh environments. All detectors are encapsulated in vacuum enabling minimum detector temperatures. The XPIN is available with a 6mm2 or 13mm2 active areas. The compact sizes allow for design flexibility

MXDPP-50 Digital Pulse Processor

MXDPP-50 Digital Pulse Processor (DPP) is ideal for analytical x-ray and gamma-ray instruments such as; Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), Si-PIN, CdTe, Si(Li), and Ge detectors. MXDPP-50 is designed to digitize detector output signals, achieving high throughput, with excellent pile-up rejection. The MXDPP-50 OEM version is configured for simple attachment to benchtop and portable applications. The OEM version includes the digital pulse processor, the detector power supply including high voltage bias, and the automatic temperature controller for Moxtek detectors.


Moxtek in Space Again – Mars Perserverance Rover 2020

Moxtek’s xray tube and window enable the PIXL system to provide increased spatial resolution and
improved measurement sensitivity. The PIXL system will analyze samples at each test site to
determine the abundance and distribution of various chemical elements.

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