X-ray Windows

Moxtek X-ray Windows have been enabling detection of low-Z materials for over 25 years. This level of detection is possible because our windows are made using our core technology of super thin film processing allowing our windows to transmit the needed x-rays. In addition to this, our windows are preferred because of their proven reliability in the lab and in the field.

AP X-Ray Windows

AP Windows are ideal for applications that require high transmission of low-energy x-rays in high vacuum with differential pressure and the highest possible vacuum integrity

DuraBeryllium X-Ray Windows

DuraBeryllium® Windows feature DuraCoat® technology; a proprietary refractory material consisting of elements lighter than sodium that ensure Beryllium windows stay vacuum tight in harsh environments. This product is highly resistant to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion; making them ideal for XRF applications. DuraBeryllium windows are most commonly used in EDXRF applications.

Diffusion Metal Bonded DuraBeryllium windows can withstand temperatures up to 400°C in vacuum or 350°C in air. Adhesive bonded Beryllium and DuraBeryllium windows can be exposed to temperatures above 100°C at a Differential Pressure of 1atm on some mount designs.

ProLINE X-Ray Windows

ProLINE Series Windows are ideal for applications that require high transmission of low-energy x-rays where differential pressure or small vacuum leaks is not a concern. ProLINE windows are most commonly used in WDXRF applications.


Moxtek in Space Again – Mars Perserverance Rover 2020

Moxtek’s xray tube and window enable the PIXL system to provide increased spatial resolution and
improved measurement sensitivity. The PIXL system will analyze samples at each test site to
determine the abundance and distribution of various chemical elements.

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