High Power Visible Lasers

High powered visible lasers designed and manufactured by world leading Necsel (part of Ushio group).

Laser systems and modules in RGB regions with optical power from few Watts to tens of Watts.

RGB Lasers

Multi-color laser modules:

  • Standard wavelengths options: RGB / IR-RGB-V 
  • Up to 9 wavelength in one module
  • 250 / 700 / 1200 lumens per module

Red Lasers

  • Power: up to 24W
  • Wavelength: 637nm, 63Xnm, 65Xnm 
  • Free-space / Fiber-Coupled
  •  20,000 hours of lifetim


Yellow Lasers

The Necsel 577nm Yellow Laser produces 1W (CW) power from a package of less than one cubic inch. This laser uses Prism Award winning, patented technology to create new wavelengths in reliable, industry proven free-space or fiber-coupled configurations.

Green Lasers

  • Up to 9W 
  • Wavelength: 525nm, 52Xnm, 53Xnm, 54Xnm, 55Xnm
  • Free-space / Fiber-Coupled
  •  20,000 hours of lifetime

Blue Lasers

  • Up to 24W 
  • Wavelength: 445nm, 465nm
  • Free-space / Fiber-Coupled
  •  Up to 30,000 hours of lifetime

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