Free Form Micro Optics

custom free form micro-optics, delivered fast

Design rules

PowerPhotonic exclusively uses UV-fused silica for all its optics.  PowerPhotonic’s process technology is completely freeform with no symmetry constraints and no aspect ratio constraints.  The key design rules and boundary conditions are listed aside. 


  • Phase plates
  • Beam shapers
  • Fiber collimators
  • Micro lens/axicon arrays
  • Diffusers
  • Homogenizers

Rapid prototyping

LightForge™ is a new low-cost rapid fabrication service from PowerPhotonic, giving optical designers the ability to create innovative new freeform surfaces, test new ideas and verify designs for production without incurring expensive upfront engineering charges and lengthy prototyping lead times.

 The fabricated part shipped in as a little as 2 weeks.

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