Optical Fibers

nLIGHT offer active and passive optical fibers for CW, quasi-CW and short-pulsed fiber laser and amplifier applications. LIEKKI® active optical fibers are fabricated using our proprietary direct nano-particle deposition process.  available with either Ytterbium (Yb) or Erbium (Er).

Ytterbium Optical fibers

Active and passive fiber combinations for pulsed or continuous wave fiber lasers and constituent components


Erbium-doped fibers for C-and L-band amplifiers, ultra-short pulses, ASE and LIDAR sources.



Optical fibers for high power delivery in diodes and fiber lasers.


LIEKKI® Thulium-doped Fibers:

Tm800-10/125DC Soon available

Features: Single-mode operation

Fiber application: low/medium power CW and pulsed lasers and amplifiers.

Matching passive fiber will be available.

More fiber types will be released by summer (or similar wording).

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