Silicon Nitride
Photonic Integrated Circuits

foundry services

LIGENTEC’s silicon nitride technology enables products based on integrated photonics and allows companies and research institutions to fabricate their own designs.

LIGENTEC offers a foundry service for their proprietary fabrication technologies in silicon nitride.

LIGENTEC also offer design and packaging services.

available modules

LIGENTEC offers an easy start with a variaty of available design modules which can be integrated in the PIC:

  • Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
  • Ring Resonators
  • Spot converters
  • Low loss delay line
  • Beam splitter
  • Phase shifter
  • Filters
  • AWG
  • And more

Multi Project Wafers

LIGENTEC enables you an easy way to access their All-Nitride core technology for photonic integrated circuits through the Multi Project Wafer (MPW) service and offers low entry barrier to test the low loss technology. After Tape-out, LIGENTEC will perform a DRC check on your design and you will have time provide a DRC free design.

This service is provided five times a year, and is particularly interesting for getting a taste of AN technology.


LIGENTEC Academy debuts with its Webinar #1 about “Biosensing & Microscopy”.

LIGENTEC Academy comprehends a group of webinars spread along the year.
This 2021, a total of four webinars are planned to take place.

By attending this 1-hour webinar, the participants will gain a general understanding of biosensing & nanoscopy, photonic related concepts.

Participation is recommended to nanotechnology and optics enthusiasts, M.Sc./Ph.D candidates, postdocs & students.

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