3D Printed Glass Optics
& micro-mechanics

FEMTOPRINT offers a 3D microfabrication platform capable of material structuring using arbitrary patterns to produce challenging, monolithic 3D shapes in glass with high precision, sub-micron resolution, and with an additional polishing step, optical surface quality

3d Printed Glass Optics

3D printing of complex micro structures including the capability to chemically post polish the surface to reach optical quality:

  • Custom designed complex micro-optics
  • Micro lenses
  • Optical gratings
  • High power diffusers
  • micro prisms
  • Optical waveguides
  • Polarization converters

and More

3d printed glass


Custom designed complex 3D micro-mechanical glass parts.

  • Process resolution < 1 µm
  • XY tolerance +/- 1 µm
  • Z tolerance +/- 2 µm
  • Aspect ratio > 1 : 500
  • Angle deviation < 0.2 degrees
  • Corner radius < 1 µm
  • Glass-to-glass welding and sealing capability

3d printed glass mems

Single chips integrating optical, mechanical and fluidic functionalities at the surface, or below it, can be fabricated with a single process on different transparent and chemically inert glasses. Some example of 3D micro-devices already developed are all-optical sensors for high accuracy force/displacement measurement, oscillators with micromechanical flexures and integrated optical components, optically transparent micro-actuators based on capacitive actuations.


CEA-LETI has chosen FEMTOprint to realize a Millimeter-sized particle sensor using a wide field of view monolithic lens assembly for light scattering analysis in Fourier domain.

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