High Speed CMOS Image Sensors

standard & Custom designed high speed CMOS image sensors, and imaging solutions.  


CMOS sensors

The LUXIMATM image sensors are 0.33 to 8.5 Megapixel up to 3,000 FPS (depending on configuration)  Global Shutter CMOS Digital Sensors. They allows ease of integration and lower system noise with on-chip 12 bit ADC and 32 parallel data LVDS outputs. It can be windowed down to achieve frame rates of 700,000+ FPS. The sensor supports 8 simultaneous Region-Of-Interest readouts with flexible window positions. The user can obtain faster frame rates through X, Y windowing. 

Evaluation Systems

The LUXIMATM Evaluation systems enable the user to evaluate the performance of LUXIMA Sensors

Analog-to-Digital Converters

Number of ADC’s16 or 32 channels
Resolution12 bit
Max conversion rate80MSPS or 90MSPS
Analog input2V p-p
LVDS output1 TX per channel
(960 or 1080 Mbit/sec per output channel)
Power consumption0.9W or 2.5W
Package128 TQFP with Thermal Pad (14×14×1 mm) or
288 BGA (15×15×1 mm) 

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