Micro Optics

design and fabrication sevices of

precise micro lens arrays and diffractive optics

Micro Lens Array

Precise glass or silicon MLA fabricated according to required specifications.

  • Control over pitch, radius of curvature and Konic constant.
  • Spherical / Aspherical shape
  • Cylindrical micro lens arrays
  • Double-sided MLAs

polymer on glass

Imprint lithography is a key technology that gives the flexibility to design demanding structures for many applications including freeform micro-optics, high fill factors (up to 100%) and mixes of concave and convex shapes.


Diffractive optics

High- End diffractive optical elements key features:

  • fused silica, silicon
  • 8” wafer scale
  • Binary 8-level, 16-level
  • 0.5um Minimum feature size
  • <70nm overlay accuracy
  • diffraction efficiency up to 98%
  • 190nm, to 5um wavelength range.

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