Saptial Light Modulators

A variety of high resolution, high efficiency and high speed spatial light modulators

1920 X 1152 SLM

This SLM offers large format, high fill factor (high optical efficiency), high-speed (as fast as 1.4 ms), low phase ripple (.2 – 3%), high optical power handling (up to 15 GW/cm 2 peak power density), and high refresh rate. This analog, high voltage SLM produces very stable phase patterns, coupled with fast liquid crystal response times.

 Several options are available:

  • Standard
  • Mid-Speed
  • High-Speed
  • high efficiency

Small 512 x 512 SLM

  • High speed
  • Pure analog phase control
  • High bit-depth controllers(high phase resolution)
  • High reflectivity option
  • Synchronization / Triggering
  • Wavelengths from 400 – 1650 nm

Transmissive SLM

  • 1 X 128   Linear pixel array geometry that can be used to alter the temporal profile of femtosecond light pulses via computer control. This linear SLM offers high fill factor, and good transmitted wavefront distortion.
  • Hex – 127  Two dimensional hexagonal pixel transmissive SLMs are designed for adaptive optics applications. The SLM acts as a real time programmable phase mask for wavefront correction of a linear polarized source. Unwanted aberration effects are removed by introducing the opposite phase shift through the Hex SLM. 

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