UV Optics

At Alpine Research Optics our core strength is our ability to produce durable, long life, high damage threshold coatings on tight tolerance substrates, particularly in the  UV. 

UV Mirrors

A variety of stock excimer, ultrafast and solid state laser mirrors for use in ArF, KrF, Ti:Sapphire, and Nd:Yag laser systems.

  • Size: 3mm to 400 mm
  • Surface roughness: 
  • Surface quality: 10/5  Laser Quality (scratch/dig)
  • Surface flatness: we routinely provide 1/10λ Peak to Valley for flat mirrors or Irregularity for radius mirrors at 632.8nm,  with the  ability to achieve 1/20λ Peak to Valley
  • Standard tolerances include +0/-0.005″ for diameter, length or width and ± 0.005″ for thickness
  • Parallelism: 1 minute

UV windows

  • Range: deep ultraviolet through the mid-wave infrared. 
  • Substrate material: fused silica, optical glasses and crystalline such as CaF2 and MgF2.  
  •  Variety of coating techniques to achieve the optimum thin film for each specific application. 
  • wide range of sizes and geometric shapes.

UV lenses

Alpine Research Optics offers extensive lens manufacturing capabilities with decades long experience polishing all types of optical glasses, fused silica and crystalline materials including CaF2, MgF2 Si, ZnSe and ZnS. They choose the best process technology of CNC polishers, spindle pitch polishing or magneto rheological finishing. The  spatial frequency or low surface roughness on a given material are optimized to achieve the maximum optical performance. 

UV Beamsplitters

 variety of plate and cube beamsplitters with exceptional surface quality and parallelism providing high laser damage threshold, low wavefront distortion and low absorption.

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